Four Day Movement helps people who are struggling by harnessing the power of community, social connections, and faith-based organizations to provide for short-term fundamental human needs. We serve people who have fallen on difficult times and need a helping hand to avoid falling through the cracks and facing additional compounding obstacles. 

By supporting Four Day Movement today, you will:

  • put food on the table of a hungry family

  • place a completed college application in the mail

  • provide a text book to a woman preparing for her final college tests

  • put a roof over the head, and hope in the heart, of a young boy that finally knows safety after enduring abuse at the hands of his family

  • fill a gas tank for a woman driving to her first job interview since escaping a violent home, so that she can take care of her family

  • make sure a young aspiring football star is healthy as he completes his required sports physical before joining his high school team

Your direct aid to someone in need of a lift gives them the strength and opportunity to dream beyond their resources – to become more than what they have been before.

Please note:  We respectfully decline donation of clothes, food or water due to a lack of storage space; and presence of other organizations better equipped to serve these needs of our clients.

All donations to 4 Day Movement are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  You may make your donation via PayPal or credit/debit card, today, or you can make a check payable to: 

Don't have a PayPal account?  No Problem!  You can make your tax-deductible check payable to:  

4 Day Movement, Inc.
2822 Cashwell Drive, Box #146
Goldsboro, NC 27534.  

You provide a lifeline to those in need by extending a helping hand so they keep from falling through the cracks, insuring that they don’t face additional compounding obstacles.

One-Time Online Donation

Click the button below to make a one-time donation using your debit or credit card.



Make a Recurring Monthly Donation

Recurring monthly donations from people who are invested in participating in creating a healthier, more vibrant community – people like you – allows 4 Day Movement Inc. to effectively plan and allocate our resources in an efficient way, so that we can proactively plan our lifesaving work and help even more people in need of a short-term helping hand. 

Select from one of the below 'subscription' options to subscribe for a 12 month period for automatic donations. You will be required by PayPal to open an account with them - if you do not have one - to process your recurring monthly subscription donation.  


 When you donate $10 a month:

  • you will provide two round trip bus tickets for women going to a job interview
  • you will feed a nursing mother two healthy meals so that she has the nutrition she needs to help her baby stay healthy

 When you donate $25 a month:

  • you will fill the gas tank of a man who lost his house in a hurricane, helping him get to work and back, enabling him to keep food on the table while they are in temporary housing
  • you will feed an elderly house-bound woman twice a week, and give her the job of friendship and fellowship of the caring volunteer that makes those meals and takes them to her
$10.00 per month for 12 months $25.00 per month for 12 months


When you donate $50 a month:

  • you will keep one aspiring high school sports star safe by providing one piece of essential safety gear
  • you will keep the lights on for two weeks in the home of one family that has been displaced by a natural disaster

When you donate $75 a month:

  • you will connect families across the world by providing one month of internet access to a veteran that can keep in touch with his son serving in our nation’s military in another country
  • you will keep two young thirteen-year-old children with a bright futures safe on a Friday night by covering the cost of their participation at a community event like the Pajama Jam
$50.00 per month for 12 months $100.00 per month for 12 months

When you donate $500 a month:

  • you will protect one family from the health risk of enduring hot summers and freezing winters by insulating their home, ensuring they stay healthy and reduce utility costs
  • you will keep the children of two families healthy and able to focus on school work by providing nutritious meals for one week

When you donate $1,000 a month:

  • you will keep one brave young mother and her children safe in transitional housing for one month as she rebuilds herself and her family
  • you will educate one student working hard to become an attorney by paying the tuition costs of one course for one semester
$500.00 per month for 12 months $1000.00 per month for 12 months





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