Project E4: (Education, Enrichment, Employment, and Empowerment Opportunities)

The 4 Day Movement, Inc. will provide opportunities for growth in the areas of education, enrichment, employment and empowerment as resources are available and as a verifiable need is clearly identified. Our focus will be, but not limited to:

Education-Tuition, registration, and/or book assistance (as resources are available) for 4 Day clients

Employment- Resource Referral for 4 Day clients to partner organizations looking for employees to interview and potentially hire

Enrichment- Opportunities for 4 Day clients to participate in educational, recreational, cultural, and life enhancement events, showcases, meetings, forums, conferences, and other enrichment formats.

Empowerment- Opportunities for 4 Day clients to give back (pay it forward) to their local communities through volunteering in a myriad of coordinated opportunities. These opportunities will benefit someone else that may have a need and will provide the 4 Day client with the opportunity to display their time, talent, and/or treasure. Our scope of opportunities will evolve and expand as we become better equipped to truly meet the client and clearly identify the goals and life direction of the client.