4 Day Movement Founder/CEO statement: 

“I founded the 4 Day Movement because I was divinely prodded to address the needs of the less fortunate and forgotten and also wanted to motivate a collection of like-minded people who want to help those falling through the cracks of life. Again and again I saw people in need having to wait for assistance from government or community-based programs. During those times of vulnerability and pain, people feel exposed and are often looked down upon. When we pulled together to “pitch in” and lend a hand, people were so grateful. They were more than willing to help me help someone else in the future. Everyone has something to offer- either a particular skill, a connection to someone who can offer a particular resource, or simply good old-fashioned elbow grease. In these moments of compassion, of helping people when they felt nobody else was able to, I was able to connect with them in very real and powerful ways. Because I don’t have assumptions or judgment about those in need, people shared genuinely about their immediate needs- but also their less tangible needs. The need for connection, to feel valuable, to feel like someone cares are inextricably linked to the immediate need for help. These are things that would not have surfaced on any application form for services. While I feel like this organization is my life’s purpose, I did not set out to create a non-profit. The Four Day Movement is growing supernaturally and organically.  Compassion, respect, and connection are not just values of mine, or of the organization. They ARE the whole point of what we do.”