Volunteer Positions:

Thank you for your interest in serving with the 4 Day Movement Team. We exist to connect resources to the needs of people falling through the cracks of life or who are in a bind. We accomplish this by seeking out and developing teams of Christian leaders who, through working together in leadership, can demonstrate the power of the Body of Christ to the communities in which we serve. 4 Day Movements may involve:

  •    Lifting objects or materials
  •    Transporting persons or items
  •    Praying with families or individuals
  •    Answering phone calls or emails
  •    Administrative duties as assigned
  •    In the field intake appointment with possible Four Day recipient
  •    Fundraiser staffing

Pray With Us

We are so thankful for the prayers that are lifted up on behalf of our ministry and our staff.

Full or Part Time Positions

It is our desire to have a full time and part time staff working for the 4 Day Movement. Our full time positions are staffed by full time faith-based missionaries who are responsible for securing the financial resources for their respective ministry field. This process of funding is often referred to as "support-raising".
Our Director works with each of our staff members to establish the appropriate financial needs of a ministry field to help ensure the success of that field, the success of those who serve and compliance with regulations from the IRS. We are praying to have 4 Day Movement missionaries in a city near you soon.