The 4 Day Movement, Inc. is on a mission to help people who are struggling by harnessing the power of community, social connections, and faith-based organizations to provide for short-term fundamental human needs. We serve people who have fallen on difficult times and need a helping hand to avoid falling through the cracks and facing additional compounding obstacles. Each case is served through a "four day movement" by joining grassroots networks, volunteers and existing resources. Those served by the 4 Day Movement agree to join our volunteer base to help someone else. The repayment through services helps sustain the momentum of the 4 Day Movement and allows those served with a way to become more deeply involved in their community.

The 4 Day Movement helps in 4 Areas of Assistance (4 Day Assignments) and these areas of assistance are more defined in the 4 Day Movements section of this website.

Please don't just review our website; provide feedback, and interact with us as we work with diligence and directness to help those in need, 4 Days at a time!


The 4 Day Movement, Inc. and Laundry Love are collaborating to perform a “modern day foot washing.”  Laundry Love is a national campaign that serves those who are underprivileged by providing them with the financial means to wash their clothes and bedding for free. Our two organizations are partnering together, in order to provide the less fortunate with 4 small or 2 large loads of laundry.  It is also our mission to build relationships and minister to the individual needs of those participating in the event.   Each event is held the 3rd Friday of each month from 11:30 am - 2:30 pm.  To continue to serve those at the event and to sustain the cause, we continue to seek support through donations of detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, trash bags, as well as, monetary donations.  If you would like to give monetarily, you can click the DONATE button on the 4 Day website.  Please continue to visit 4 Day and Laundry Love Goldsboro Facebook pages for updates on upcoming fundraisers, event locations near you, and to see how you can help us to assist those within our community. 


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