The 4 Day Movement, Inc. is on a mission to help people who are struggling by harnessing the power of community, social connections, and faith-based organizations to provide for short-term fundamental human needs. We serve people who have fallen on difficult times and need a helping hand to avoid falling through the cracks and facing additional compounding obstacles. Each case is served through a "four day movement" by joining grassroots networks, volunteers and existing resources. Those served by the 4 Day Movement agree to join our volunteer base to help someone else. The repayment through services helps sustain the momentum of the 4 Day Movement and allows those served with a way to become more deeply involved in their community.

The 4 Day Movement helps in 4 Areas of Assistance (4 Day Assignments) and these areas of assistance are more defined in the 4 Day Movements section of this website.

Please don't just review our website; provide feedback, and interact with us as we work with diligence and directness to help those in need, 4 Days at a time!


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